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Your auto glass repairs shouldn’t wait

Whatever your specific auto glass repair or replacement needs, High-Tech Auto Glass can help. We service every piece of glass on your vehicle, from the windshields to sun rooves. With our experienced staff and our inventory of replacement parts, we’ll get the job done fast.

Don’t let auto glass damage keep your truck out of commission

When you need your work vehicle, or your favorite toy, ready to go in a hurry, our staff have experience on all sizes of trucks and can handle any repair or replacement. Your truck windshield will be installed firmly and securely, so you can get the job done.

Let our business get your business back on the road

Commercial vehicles can’t afford much downtime, with losses adding up every minute you’re off the road. High-Tech Auto Glass has fast service for your commercial vehicles, including mobile glass service when you need us to come to you.

Get the repairs you need to hit the road for your vacation

RV auto glass repair is a specialty service that requires specific tools and experience. At High-Tech Auto Glass, we have them. Whether you need your RV windshield repaired or replaced, our team can handle the job reliably and quickly.

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Everything You Need at High-Tech Auto Glass

No matter what kind of vehicle you’re driving, High-Tech Auto Glass has the experience necessary for your repairs. Our up-to-date and skilled team uses the latest and best practices to provide you with superior service. Call us today to set up a time to come in or to contact our mobile auto glass service.

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About us

We’re committed to serving our community by giving our neighbors the best auto glass service we can provide. As a family-run business, High-Tech Auto Glass is a part of the community we work in. We want to be your first choice for windshield replacement in Scottsdale AZ by building a relationship of trust through service you can rely on. In our 15 years of working in this community, we’ve already done that with many of our customers so far, and we hope you’ll be next.

Don’t leave essential repairs to amateurs. You can count on reliably professional service from High-Tech Auto Glass. With a membership in the National Windshield Repair Association, we maintain the highest standards in the industry. Repairs and replacements provided by our shop meet the criteria for the Laminated Auto Glass Standard. You can also be sure that the technicians handling your vehicle have all the latest knowledge, thanks to our ongoing Windshield Repair Certification training.

Whatever vehicle you need repairs for, bring it in. Our services cover all kinds of vehicles, including commercial vehicles. Our staff is familiar with a wide variety of today’s makes and models. You can also rely on us to provide fast replacements, thanks to our standing inventory of OEM windshields and other auto glass parts.

We understand that auto glass repair can be an unexpected and unwelcome expense. At High-Tech Auto Glass, we do everything we can to make sure you’re not paying more than you should. In the state of Arizona, the insurance laws generally favor drivers. We can help you determine if your insurance could cover your repair from a collision or any other cause.

The main factor for whether your insurance will cover your repairs or replacement is the type of coverage you have. There are three kinds, comprehensive, collision, and liability. Liability insurance only covers damages you cause to other drivers’ vehicles. A collision policy will cover repairs for your car resulting from a collision. Comprehensive insurance covers a wide variety of damage.

Your repair or replacement is likely more affordable than you think. Both collision and comprehensive insurance are mandated by Arizona law to cover windshield replacements without any deductible. If you hold one of these policies, your replacement could be covered in its entirety, giving you a quality auto glass replacement at no additional cost to yourself.

Under Arizona law, your insurance company cannot decide which shop you take your vehicle to. Instead, you can go with a reliable local business like High-Tech Auto Glass to provide you friendly and reliable service. What’s more, if your insurance covers your windshield replacement, you might qualify for our cashback offer, with up to $300 of cash straight to your pocket.

Save The Hassle

Let us be your solution!

Don’t let the repairs you need to stay on the road empty your pockets. With High-Tech Auto Glass, qualifying claims can benefit from up to $300 cashback with their windshield replacement. This offer could have you leaving our shop richer than you came in.

Step 4

You walk out of the shop with your windshield replaced and cash in your pocket. Depending on the specifics of your individual claim, you could receive up to $300 in cash.

Step 3

With the confirmation of the insurance, we’ll begin your windshield replacement. Our experienced staff will quickly and effectively handle the job, providing you with a high-quality installation that will stand up to time and weather.

Step 2

High-tech Auto Glass can contact your insurance provider on your behalf. Dealing with insurance companies can be difficult, but our staff knows Arizona insurance law and the company’s obligations. There’s a good chance that insurance will cover your replacement.

Step 1

Bring in your vehicle with a damaged windshield. Our trained staff will evaluate the damage and determine if you need a replacement or if your windshield only needs a repair. If your windshield does require a replacement, we’ll move onto the next step.

Cash Back process

Step 1

When your windshield is damaged, bring it in for our technicians to take a look at. We’ll let you know if you need either a repair or a replacement. For windshields requiring replacement, we move onto the next step to determine your eligibility.

Step 2

Instead of trying to navigate the fine print of your insurance policy, we can call them for you. Our staff has the experience handling insurance companies needed to make sure you’re getting what you’re due.

Step 3

If your insurance covers your windshield replacement, we go ahead and provide you with the quality windshield replacement services that we’re known for. Reliable installation with top-quality glass will keep your ride safe, dry, and comfortable.

Step 4

Qualifying claims receive up to $300 in cashback, as simple as that. We hand you some crisp bills, and you’re on your way with your new windshield.

Cash Back process

Our answers

Frequently Asked Questions

A: High-Tech Auto Glass technicians have experience across many different vehicles and can handle any job. We keep a large stock of auto glass on hand to provide rapid replacements for most vehicles. Even if we don’t have what you need in stock, we can order any needed glass quickly.

A: We ensure our repairs meet the National Windshield Repair Association standards and are a current member of that association. We train our staff up to the association’s Windshield Repair Certification requirements, including ongoing training in the latest auto glass developments.

A: Yes, our mobile auto glass service provides a solution for when you can’t make it into the shop. Whether your windshield is too damaged for you to drive safely or you just can’t find time to make it in, our mobile glass service provides professional windshield replacements at any location.

A: Policies vary widely, but in Arizona, many policies cover replacements without even requiring a deductible. You can contact us today to help figure out your insurance and make sure you’re getting everything your policy owes you.

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